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Collapse Anesthesia and Pain AnswersAnesthesia and Pain Answers
Expand How to Use Anesthesia and Pain AnswersHow to Use Anesthesia and Pain Answers
Expand AccreditationAccreditation
Expand AcupunctureAcupuncture
Expand Advance Beneficiary NoticeAdvance Beneficiary Notice
Expand Alternative Therapies For PainAlternative Therapies For Pain
Expand Ambulatory Surgery CentersAmbulatory Surgery Centers
Expand Anesthesia for Pain ProceduresAnesthesia for Pain Procedures
Expand Anesthesia OverviewAnesthesia Overview
Expand AppealsAppeals
Expand Arthrocentesis Arthritis InjectionsArthrocentesis Arthritis Injections
Expand Base UnitsBase Units
Expand Bilateral ProceduresBilateral Procedures
Expand Billing Pain ManagementBilling Pain Management
Expand Billing ServicesBilling Services
Expand Cancelled AnesthesiaCancelled Anesthesia
Expand CapitationCapitation
Expand Carrier JurisdictionCarrier Jurisdiction
Expand Carrier ResponsibilitiesCarrier Responsibilities
Expand Carriers - MedicareCarriers - Medicare
Expand Caudal Epidural InjectionsCaudal Epidural Injections
Expand Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesiologist's Assistants - An OverviewCertified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesiologist's Assistants - An Overview
Expand Charges for Medicare ServicesCharges for Medicare Services
Expand Claims Filings - Returned ClaimsClaims Filings - Returned Claims
Expand CMS 1500 InstructionsCMS 1500 Instructions
Expand Coccyx InjectionsCoccyx Injections
Expand Coding - ProcedureCoding - Procedure
Expand Coding - ResourcesCoding - Resources
Expand ComplianceCompliance
Expand Compliance - HIPAACompliance - HIPAA
Expand Compliance - Stark Self-Referral LawCompliance - Stark Self-Referral Law
Expand Computer SoftwareComputer Software
Expand Concurrent CareConcurrent Care
Expand Consults, Visits, ReferralsConsults, Visits, Referrals
Expand Continuous Infusion CathetersContinuous Infusion Catheters
Expand Contracts and Contract NegotiationsContracts and Contract Negotiations
Expand Conversion FactorsConversion Factors
Expand Copayment - Deductible WaiversCopayment - Deductible Waivers
Expand Correct Coding Initiative - CCICorrect Coding Initiative - CCI
Expand Counseling, Coordination of CareCounseling, Coordination of Care
Expand Covered - Non-Covered ServicesCovered - Non-Covered Services
Expand Critical Care ServicesCritical Care Services
Expand Date of ServiceDate of Service
Expand Deadlines for Filing ClaimsDeadlines for Filing Claims
Expand Deadlines for Paying ClaimsDeadlines for Paying Claims
Expand Diagnosis CodingDiagnosis Coding
Expand Diagnostic Challenges of Chronic PainDiagnostic Challenges of Chronic Pain
Expand DiskographyDiskography
Expand Documentation - What Payers ExpectDocumentation - What Payers Expect
Expand Electroconvulsive Therapy ServicesElectroconvulsive Therapy Services
Expand Electronic Media ClaimsElectronic Media Claims
Expand Epidurals - Blood Patch InjectionsEpidurals - Blood Patch Injections
Expand Epidurals - ObstetricEpidurals - Obstetric
Expand Evaluation and Management Coding TipsEvaluation and Management Coding Tips
Expand Evaluation and Management ServicesEvaluation and Management Services
Expand Exclusive Provider OrganizationExclusive Provider Organization
Expand Facet Joint and Medial Branch InjectionsFacet Joint and Medial Branch Injections
Expand Field Avoidance and Unusual PositioningField Avoidance and Unusual Positioning
Expand Flat FeesFlat Fees
Expand Fluoroscopy and EpidurographyFluoroscopy and Epidurography
Expand Fraud and AbuseFraud and Abuse
Expand Global Surgical PeriodsGlobal Surgical Periods
Expand HCPCS CodesHCPCS Codes
Expand Health Insurance Claim NumberHealth Insurance Claim Number
Expand Health Maintenance OrganizationsHealth Maintenance Organizations
Expand Hospital-based AnesthesiologistsHospital-based Anesthesiologists
Expand Incident-To BillingIncident-To Billing
Expand Independent Practice AssociationsIndependent Practice Associations
Expand Infusion Pumps and StimulatorsInfusion Pumps and Stimulators
Expand Intradiskal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET)Intradiskal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET)
Expand Invasive LinesInvasive Lines
Expand JCAHO Pain Management StandardsJCAHO Pain Management Standards
Expand Laser-Assisted Spinal Endoscopy (LASE)Laser-Assisted Spinal Endoscopy (LASE)
Expand Limiting ChargeLimiting Charge
Expand Local Coverage DecisionsLocal Coverage Decisions
Expand Locum Tenens, Reciprocal BillingLocum Tenens, Reciprocal Billing
Expand Managed Care Delivery Systems - An OverviewManaged Care Delivery Systems - An Overview
Expand Management Service OrganizationsManagement Service Organizations
Expand Medical Direction-SupervisionMedical Direction-Supervision
Expand Medical Direction-Supervision ReimbursementMedical Direction-Supervision Reimbursement
Expand Medical NecessityMedical Necessity
Expand Medical Review of ClaimsMedical Review of Claims
Expand Medically Unlikely EditsMedically Unlikely Edits
Expand Medicare Fee ScheduleMedicare Fee Schedule
Expand Medicare Managed CareMedicare Managed Care
Expand Medicare OverviewMedicare Overview
Expand Medicare Secondary Payer Billing RulesMedicare Secondary Payer Billing Rules
Expand MedigapMedigap
Expand Moderate SedationModerate Sedation
Expand ModifiersModifiers
Expand Monitered Anesthesia CareMonitered Anesthesia Care
Expand Monitoring; NoninvasiveMonitoring; Noninvasive
Expand Multiple Anesthesia ProceduresMultiple Anesthesia Procedures
Expand Nerve DestructionNerve Destruction
Expand NeurologyNeurology
Expand NPIs, Provider NumbersNPIs, Provider Numbers
Expand Opioid ManagementOpioid Management
Expand OverpaymentsOverpayments
Expand Package Pricing - An OverviewPackage Pricing - An Overview
Expand Pain Management Specialty CodesPain Management Specialty Codes
Expand Participation - Non-Participation in MedicareParticipation - Non-Participation in Medicare
Expand Patient-Controlled AnalgesiaPatient-Controlled Analgesia
Expand Pediatric Pain ManagementPediatric Pain Management
Expand Physical Examinations-HistoriesPhysical Examinations-Histories
Expand Physician Quality Reporting InitiativePhysician Quality Reporting Initiative
Expand Physician-Hospital OrganizationsPhysician-Hospital Organizations
Expand Place of ServicePlace of Service
Expand Post-op Pain BlocksPost-op Pain Blocks
Expand Practice ManagementPractice Management
Expand Preferred Provider OrganizationsPreferred Provider Organizations
Expand Preoperative ExamsPreoperative Exams
Expand Prolonged ServicesProlonged Services
Expand Pump ImplantsPump Implants
Expand Qualifying CircumstancesQualifying Circumstances
Expand Regional Offices of CMSRegional Offices of CMS
Expand Reimbursement TipsReimbursement Tips
Expand RelativesRelatives
Expand ReliefRelief
Expand Risk SharingRisk Sharing
Expand Sacroiliac Joint InjectionsSacroiliac Joint Injections
Expand Signatures - Electronic ClaimsSignatures - Electronic Claims
Expand Signatures - Paper ClaimsSignatures - Paper Claims
Expand Specialized Procedures - CRNAsSpecialized Procedures - CRNAs
Expand Stimulator ImplantsStimulator Implants
Expand SuperbillsSuperbills
Expand SuppliesSupplies
Expand Surgery - Fee DisclosureSurgery - Fee Disclosure
Expand Surgery - MultipleSurgery - Multiple
Expand Sympathetic Nerve Blocks and Nerve DestructionSympathetic Nerve Blocks and Nerve Destruction
Expand Teaching Physicians - Residents and InternsTeaching Physicians - Residents and Interns
Expand Time UnitsTime Units
Expand Transesophageal EchocardiologyTransesophageal Echocardiology
Expand Transforaminal Epidural InjectionsTransforaminal Epidural Injections
Expand Translaminar Epidural InjectionsTranslaminar Epidural Injections
Expand Trigger Points (Myofascial Pain)Trigger Points (Myofascial Pain)
Expand Vent ManagementVent Management
Expand Workers' CompensationWorkers' Compensation
Expand Appendix A - GlossaryAppendix A - Glossary
Expand Appendix B - Medicare FeesAppendix B - Medicare Fees
Expand Appendix C - 1995 EM GuidelinesAppendix C - 1995 EM Guidelines
Expand Appendix D - 1997 EM GuidelinesAppendix D - 1997 EM Guidelines
Expand Appendix E - National Coverage Determinations ManualAppendix E - National Coverage Determinations Manual
Expand Appendix F - Medicare Carriers ManualAppendix F - Medicare Carriers Manual
Expand Appendix G - BibliographyAppendix G - Bibliography
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